Meta’s Threads vs twitter – A new instagram’s app launched in the market

Meta's Threads vs twitter - A new instagram's app

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We were hearing a news revolving around about “Project 92” lately. Actually meta, the parent company of Facebook, was planning to launch a novel social network and microblogging platform in July 2023.

The development on the project started a very long time ago to introduce an alternative of twitter, but it was kept internal since then.

So finally meta’s Threads an Instagram app, got live over ios , android and web on 5th of July. In this article we shall discuss how this platform outperformed its previous competitors and what is its current status.

With Meta’s Threads launch, an overwhelming response have been seen by the audience. Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg also quoted that such a response was beyond the expectation with over 70 million signups.

Meta Threads has seems to have an advantage over the apps that were introduced in the past before like Chatgpt, Tiktok and Instagram. Because people can easily sign up their threads account by using instagram’s username and there is no surprise that instagram has already around 1.6 billion monthly active users (Outside the European Union).

Yes, you just need an instagram account to register yourself for threads by following simple and easy steps by even keeping the same username as on Instagram.

Meta’s threads has already crossed a 100 million users mark as of 9th of July and experts have been thinking that the Threads is going to be a twitter killer app. 

Now let’s talk about the first impression of Meta’s new Social Networking Platform!

Thread Mechanism

Meta’s Threads app has been made by integration with a decentralized social networking protocol ActivityPub like Mastodon. With ActivityPub’s decentralized integration, there might be some moderation issues and security concerns that Meta has to deal with. 

It also raises a concern of policy regulation across the globe, as ActivityPub can only ask other servers to delete the data but could not be able to enforce it.

Who is it really for?

According to Adam Mosseri’s statement, Thread is made to encourage all the communities like  sports, music, fashion, beauty, entertainment, etc rather than politics or hard news which will make it more vibrant platform. 

So there is a high probability that Meta’s Threads, is going to be a healthy and super beneficial platform for everyone either a brand, influencer, sportsman, actor, scholar, etc.

How Twitter responded?

It seems that Elon Musk has not welcomed this new Thread app as per his statement in a tweet. A cease-and-desist letter has also been sent by Twitter’s lawyer Alex Sprio in which Twitter is threatening to sue meta in charge of stealing its trade secrets and IP in order to build Threads.

Spiro who is Elon Musk’s personal lawyer also claiming that Meta hired many former twitter employees who were being fired by Elon himself.

What is about thread’s stats?

However the app is just making headlines by breaking all the previous records of active user base. According to TheVerge , almost 95 million post are being shared with 190 million likes shared.

Based on current status thread is on the top charts of Free app category on Google Play Store and App store. So it seems like thread could be a hit in no time based on its live stats so far.

Thread flooded by Celebrities

With Thread app’s superb launch, there were a shocking numbers of celebrities, brands and influencers rushing to sign up for the app. With celebrities like Gordon Ramsay, Michael Strahan and Jennifer Lopez, etc, thread have already been pre-filled with a lot of popular users at its launch.

Meta and Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zukcerberg and Adam Mosseri Head of Instagram were able to get the first spots, thanks to their influencing positions at the company. There were also other names seemed to be filling the spots like Mark Cuban, Shakira, Lauren Godwin, etc

What’s missing?

This app comes with some novelty features like threading that are same as the tweets in the twitter. However there is lot to come as the app is in the beta launch and the errors may be expected like one can’t edit the thread once posted.

Adam Mosseri has acknowledged that there are a lot of features to come like hashtag search, DMs, following feed, graph syncing and fedeverse support etc. He has assured that the instagram team is working to address all the current issues and come up with these important new features as soon as possible.

And showing up the threads feed of the people you follow is the top priority of the team – Added Adam Mosseri

Anything good news for marketers?

Well it seems that ad monetization is on Zuckerberg’s list. However he is currently looking to achieve his first ever milestone to reach 1 billion active user base soon.

Adam Mosseri has also confirmed that the platform would surely be monetized if people start loving it and keep using it. But there current focus is on to make a state of the art social network for people that they will adore.

Where to get it and sign up?

You may be wondering where to download the app and how to sign up for this raging Twitter’s competitor…. Like we have discussed you will find it on both famous platforms Google Play Store and App Store. And you just have to be an instagram user to sign up for this app.

However there is another problem that will most likely to be resolved in near future that if you get bored with the app and you want to deactivate your Thread’s account then you can only delete it by removing Instagram account.

Wrap up

In my opinion this Meta’s Threads may blow everyone’s mind or peak with steady pace however I’m amazed by its shocking results so far. The app is new, so it may need some changes and updates however it seems like the Instagram team is fully prepared to tackle any challenge along the way.

On the other, its rivalry partner Twitter has some raising concerns about copyrights. Well to be honest, the time will actually decide where the tables would turn. Until then, lets have fun using both of the rivals to explore our own potentials with them.

Good Luck!

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