9 Best AI SEO tools to automate your organic performance

9 Best AI SEO Tools to automate your organic performance

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SEO is an important aspect of optimizing your website while improving its organic outreach by ranking it in better position in search engine result pages (SERP).

Now a days AI has revolutionized the tech industry and it has changed our ways of doing various tasks. It has reduced the work hours and improved the overall productivity of humans. It is not as authentic yet, but it will become more robust and reliable over time. There are several AI SEO tools in the market with various features that can reduce your website optimization efforts.

In this article we shall discuss different AI SEO tools, that will help you improve your efficiency in optimizing website content to enhance your organic traffic by ranking your website in SERP. These tools use artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to analyze and optimize websites for better visibility in search engines. With the help of SEO AI, you can make sure that your website is visible for relevant keywords and phrases, which leads to higher organic traffic and better visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs)

These tools are being manifested by careful analysis and research in order to bring you some of the best AI SEO tools on the table. You can choose from any of these options depending on what kind of features you need for optimizing your website’s performance in search engines. However each one of these will give you some kind of the advantage in terms of different features to get you best possible results from your SEO efforts!

So let’s start by discussing 12 best AI SEO tools and automate our content for better organic outcome.


SEO can be a daunting task while optimising your site for better positioning in SERP. However, Frase can offer some of the best features of AI content writing and keyword research of your competitors to opt in best keywords for your site.

This advanced AI SEO tool also offers unique feature like content analysis, which can be used to identify the most profitable keywords to target and drive more organic traffic. It also offers easy-to-use text editor for a better content comparison. With Frase, you can easily generate great ideas for content and deliver amazing results.

Plus, it also gives you insights on different metrics like word count, domain rating, and heading count that will help you have a better understanding of the content. With frase you easily create full length and optimized briefs within 6 seconds. You can also learn to write remarkable and optimized articles by taking its crash course for free.

Overall, Frase is a powerful AI SEO tool that is designed to help users improve their website rankings and visibility in SERP. It provides comprehensive data about content, keyword research, competitor analysis, etc in order to increase your efficiency.

Pros and Cons

  • Affordable platform
  • Offers a free crash course
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Keyword research offers
  • Built in AI writer
  • Offers content analytics
  • No live chat support
  • AI writing tool needs improvements
  • Doesn’t offer free trial



Price: $14.99/mo ($12.66/mo if paid annually)
You will get:
– 1 user seat
– Write and optimize 4 articles per month


Price: $44.99/mo ($38.25/mo if paid annually)
You will get:
– 1 user seat
– Write and optimize 30 articles per month


Price: $114.99/mo ($97.75/mo if paid annually)
You will get:
– 3 user seat
– Write and optimize unlimited articles


In short, this tool is best for you if you want to rank your website in comparatively less time. As it will allow you to write optimized articles using proper keyword research and competitor’s analysis. Plus it has an edge for beginners to learn it by taking its crash course. So try out this AI SEO tool to improve your overall productivity in optimizing the content of your website

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a cloud-based SEO and digital analytics tool that allows users to track, analyze, and optimize their website’s performance in search engine result pages (SERPs). It offers features like keyword research, competitor analysis, traffic metrics, link building, content optimization, and much more, helping users to uncover the latest trends in the SEO industry.

The platform utilizes data sources like Google Analytics and Search Console to provide detailed insights into how well your website is performing across different geographical locations. SE Ranking also provides reports on city or country wise keyword rankings, organic search volume, competitor visibility comparison, backlink analysis, etc.

It also boasts an advanced AI-powered optimization algorithm designed to help boost SEO results of your website. This algorithm processes large amounts of data from multiple sources to identify the most valuable keywords for targeting as well as areas where improvements can be made to rank higher on SERPs. This helps users save time spent researching keywords manually and focus their energy instead on creating quality content that will bring them higher rankings.

Overall, it is a powerful AI SEO tool built for helping users maximise their website rankings in search engine result pages. SE Ranking is actually suitable for both types of SEOs either Off-Page or On-Page.

Pros and Cons

  • Intuitive design
  • Offers a free trial of 14 days
  • Offers robust SEO features
  • Allows 3rd party integration
  • Provide overall tracking and analytics
  • Excellent customer support
  • Limited in some advanced SEO features
  • Not very friendly interface for beginners
  • A bit expensive



Price: $31.20/mo
You will get:
– 10 projects
– 1 user seat
– 250 keywords (Daily check)
– 40,000 pages per account
– 100 reports per day
– 6000 backlinks monitoring
– 10,000 keywords per account
– 15 articles per month
– 25,000 AI words


Price: $71.20/mo
You will get:
– Unlimited projects
– 3 user seat
– 1000 keywords (Daily check)
– 250,000 pages per account
– 30,000 backlinks monitoring
– 5000 reports per day
– 50,000 keywords per account
– 30 articles per month
– 50,000 AI words


Price: $71.20/mo
You will get:
– 5 user seat
– 2500 keywords (Daily check)
– 700,000 pages per account
– 90,000 backlinks monitoring
– 10,000 reports per day
– 120,000 keywords per account
– 120 articles per month
– 250,000 AI words
– 50 locations per account
– API integration
– Exceptional customer support
– All the features checked in


You can also contact their team to make a custom plan for you


Let me conclude it by saying that this platform is suitable for any freelancer, agency or a business looking for a compact SEO solution at one place. It offers a wide range of useful features like SEO Monitoring, SEO Research, content marketing, local marketing and a complete agency success kit for you to help you perform a through SEO analysis of your website and rank it by placing the right content for enhanced organic outreach in no time. So it is a remarkable option for anyone looking for most convenient SEO solutions to improve ranking in less time in order to compete with their competitors.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a great AI SEO tool that will help you increase your website’s organic traffic. Its state of the art built-in Outline Builder will help you create catchy headlines with briefs in matter of seconds.

With Surfer SEO, you easily be able to create content regardless of any language. You can write and optimize the content simultaneously with real time metrics like word count, structure, et, making it very convenient for you to rank in higher position of search engine result pages.

It also gives you an opportunity to check your content for plagiarism in order to deliver authentic content and help you truly engage with your audience. It also comes with the feature of real time audit, as it allows you to analyze your content and optimize it futher for better results.

Moreover, SEO Writing Masterclass will provide you a step-by-step guide to help you understand content optimization. This course is for both content writers and manager that will increase their productivity to 10x. You will also be able to get certification at the completion of this course.

Overall this a great AI SEO tool that will help you automate your content optimization and creation process, and easily rank your website for more organic exposure online.

Pros and Cons

  • Offers keyword research analysis
  • Content optimization
  • 3rd party integration with tools like Google Docs
  • Easy to use interface
  • Excellent customer support
  • Keyword analysis is not that much effective
  • Difficult to operate for some users at start
  • Its a bit costly comparatively



Price: $19/mo (Billed Annually) $8 per additional content
You will get:
– 36 articles per year
– 120 keyword research per year
– Jasper


Price: $69/mo (Billed Annually) $5 per additional content
You will get:
– 84 articles per year
– 100 keyword research per day
– 2 organization seats
– Plagiarism checker
– Shareable Links
– WordPress integration
– Google Docs Integration


Price: $149/mo (Billed Annually) $3 per additional content
You will get:
– 300 articles per year
– 5 organization seats
– Plagiarism checker
– Shareable Links
– WordPress integration
– Google Docs Integration


Price: $249/mo (Billed Annually) $3 per additional content
You will get:
– 600 articles per year
– 10 organization seats
– Audit
– SERP Analyzer
– Whitelabel
– API Integration


You can contact their sales to get a custom package for you.


Let me wrap it up by saying that, this tool is a very reliable option for content writers with its unique features of keyword research and content editing with live metrics to ensure generating optimized and highly engaging content that will be able to generate a huge amount of organic traffic to your website. So this AI-powered tool will help you reduce your SEO efforts to a great extent.


Outranking is a great choice for marketer and content writers to optimize their websites by using its amazing features. Trusted by more than 12000+ content writers and companies like zoho, ikea, rewardful etc. outranking is considered one of the best AI SEO tools in the market.

Outranking is an AI powered optimization tool that offers on-page SEO beyond NLP to ensure your content’s ranking in SERP. You also get to use built-in AI powered plagiarism checker to avoid any content penalties and fix that content copy errors with just one click.

With Outranking, you can use a lot of features like generating intent based outlines, creating personalized brand briefs, avail auto correct plagiarism checker, auto insert internal links, and prompt template library to ensure your content to have enhanced organic traffic.

With its website crawling feature, you can easily audit your content for any errors and omissions that need to be removed for further optimization. It also comes with internal links optimization to ensure smooth and cohesive website architecture. You can also use its content planner to plan for executable strategies in advance that align with your goals.

With its built-in content management feature you can easily manage your teams and assign them various tasks or workflows for better and optimized results by effective usgae of this amazing AI powered tool. Its a great AI SEO tool for content writers in order to create content that drives a legit amount organic traffic and revenue.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use features and interface
  • It has ChatGPT-3 based AI writer
  • Step-by-step guide for content optimization
  • Offers robust SERP analysis
  • Suitable for both beginners and pros
  • Dedicated support
  • It may be overwhelming for some users at first
  • Documentation is a bit outdated
  • Solo plan has limited AI features



Price: $69/mo afterwards ($7 first month)
You will get:
– 10 SEO documents
– 200,000 words for AI writing
– 400 keyword assessment credits
– Page Auditing and Content workflow
– 1 domain for analysis


Price: $129/mo
You will get:
– 30 SEO documents
– 600,000 words for AI writing
– 1000 keyword assessment credits
– 3 domain for analysis
– +1 extra user


Price: $129/mo
You will get:
– 70 SEO documents
– 1,500,000 words for AI writing
– 3000 keyword assessment credits
– 10 domain for analysis
– +2 extra user


You can contact their sales team for a custom plan


In conclusion, this tool is best for you if you are looking for a target based results from your content. As it does have all the required features that will help you drive more organic traffic to your website with robust automation in terms of content creation and optimization ultimately increasing your ROI. With this tool you can easily plan and manage your business by engaging teams and using its full potential to optimize your content for online success.

Alli Ai

Alli Ai is a cloud based platform that will provide a solution for your SEO hassle with its AI driven features. It is best suited for agencies and SEO teams with no prior coding experience. You can easily set it up within 15 mins with almost any CMS in the market and start analysing your site to optimize it. Installation can be easily done by using encrypted code snippet to be inserted in the website as instructed.

After a successful installation you start getting various recommendations for your website optimization. You can easily approve or un approve any change given on dashboard and see tghe live results within minutes.

With this robust AI SEO tool you can make up to 1 million optimization changes within a matter of minutes live. Its state of the art automation system adjusts with the search engines’ algorithm in order to optimize your site with the latest and best SEO practices.

So it is a superb tool that gives you access to all of the SEO features on a single dashboard with the ability to optimize with a single click of your mouse. Using this amazing tool can help you efficiently reduce your On-page SEO efforts and optimize your content to ensure high organic outreach.

Pros and Cons

  • Offers 10 days free trial
  • Offers on page optimization features
  • Provide automated A/B testing
  • Real-time deployment
  • Good customer support
  • Highly customizable platform
  • Offer document sharing and task management
  • Keyword focus suggestions
  • Analytical process takes a bit longer
  • Inability to export or share tasks
  • A bit expensive comparatively
  • Doesn’t give you recommendations on image alt texts



Price: $249/mo
You will get:
– 10 Sites
– 10 Team Members
– 1,000 Keywords 
– 2,500 Pages 
– 5,000 Rankings Updates
– 15,000 Page Crawls 
– Weekly Crawl Interval


Price: $499/mo
You will get:
– 25 Sites
– 25 Team Members
– 2,500 Keywords 
– 7,500 Pages
– 12,500 Rankings Updates
– 45,000 Page Crawls 
– Daily Crawl Interval
– API Access


Price: $999/mo
You will get:
– Unlimited Sites
– Unlimited Team Members
– 10,000 Keywords 
– 25,000 Pages 
– 50,000 Rankings Updates
– 150,000 Page Crawls 
– Hourly Crawl Interval
– API Access


In short, Alli AI is one of the best AI SEO tool for everyone either an individual, agency , small teams or businesses to perform SEO audits of their websites and get live recommendations for optimization. They can easily perform a bulk optimization within a click of their mouse. It offers real time deployment with any CMS using a small encrypted code snippet. And with is tool you dont have to worry about changing algorithm as this tool self adjust itself for evolving SEO practices for a better ROI traffic.


You can effectively grow your website by automating your SEO process with Diib. It helps you with SEO and rapidly increase your organic traffic online. Diib is a great AI SEO tool that offers you a complete growth plan with its remarkable feature “Answer engine” that works 24/7 to create small objectives or alerts for you. These objectives help you improve your SEO, traffic, mobile friendliness, and visitors experience.

With Diib you can easily track your most important keywords and backlinks. You can perform a robust competitors analysis and monitor their keywords and backlinks. Moreover you can also be able to get new ideas for keywords and content with this amazing tool.

This tool also gives you an insight on real time data from your social media channels like facebook, instagram etc to help you get a clear picture of your audience interaction with your page. You can easily track your social media performance and optimize it by maintaining a regular social media calendar.

You can also find out how your website is performing with respect to it peers or competitors using its benchmarking feature. Moreover you will also get 24/7 automated website monitoring to ensure your website is up-to-date and error free. Its Daily health score will let you know about your website health based on 12 legit KPIs.

Moreover this automated platform also keeps you informed with its weekly snapshots on how your business is performing online. And yes, you can always be able to get expert assistance from highly qualified professionals with their excellent Diib growth expert option.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Offers a Free plan
  • Affordable paid plan
  • Competitors analysis
  • Great customer support
  • Track your progress
  • Fast and robust scanning with authentic advice
  • No detail info regarding backlinks like no follow
  • Objectives repetition even after the completion
  • Sometimes it shows irrelevant objectives



Price: $0/mo
You will get:
– Limited growth plan
– 1 scan for current keyword ranking
– Limited keyword explorer
– Limited backlink analysis
– Monthly snapshot
– Add up to 30 website
– Daily Health Score
– Email support
– Social Media performance tracking


Price: $7.99/mo (Renews at $44.99/mo)
You will get:
– Full access to growth plan
– 1 scan per week for current keyword ranking
– Full access keyword explorer
– Full access to backlink analysis
– Competitors analysis of 6 competitors
– Weekly snapshot
– Email, Phone, and Chat Support
– Growth expert assistance


So Diib is a state of the art AI SEO toolthat will ensure your online success by optimizing your website and social media by offering it unique and powerful features. You can easily track your website’s overall performance by using its Daily health and 24/7 monitoring features. It is best for for both beginners and pros to optimize their website by using its objectives and alerts feature. Overall it is an amazing AI SEO tool which can enhance your productivity to a great extent. And yes we cannot forget that it also offers a free subscription option.


Neuronwriter is an AI-powered content optimization tool designed to help businesses and individuals maximize their website visibility in search engine result pages (SERP). It utilizes semantic models (NLP), Google SERP analysis and competitors data to analyze large amounts of information in order to identify the most valuable keywords for your website to optimize it effectively.

With its intuitive dashboard interface, users can easily get NLP-based recommendations for content like suggested terms from your top performing competitor. You can also enhance your productivity by using built-in draft generator. Overall content score will help you understand what keywords to be added in order to optimize your content efficiently. You can also save your time by using its ChatGPT-3 based AI writer.

This tools will give you relevant content ideas and save you from hectic brainstorming sessions. You can easily plan your content on nuerowriter and improve your overall topical authority by keep on adding relevant content. It also offers collaboration by allowing you to manage and share your content with team members in order to enhance your overall productivity.

With this amazing AI SEO tool you can easily research your article by robust competitor’s analysis and find out highly performing content. You can always plan for your content and make suitable content strategies to optimize it for maximum output.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy-to-use and clean interface
  • Simple and robust document management
  • Great content editor
  • Offers good quality output
  • Affordable for small teams and businesses
  • Supports more than 170 languages
  • No plagiarism checker
  • Limited Ai templates
  • No readability suggestions


Bronze Plan

Price: $19/mo
You will get:
– 2 projects/folders
– 25 content writer analyses
– 15.000 A.I. credits*
– Content plan
– Content sharing(Read only)

Silver Plan

Price: $37/mo
You will get:
– All the Bronze features
– 5 projects/folders
– 50 content writer analyses
– 30,000 A.I. credits
– Content plan + New ideas
– Content sharing(Read only)

Gold Plan

Price: $57/mo
You will get:
– All the Silver features
– 10 projects/folders
– 75 content writer analyses
– 45,000 A.I. credits
– Content sharing with unlimited team members (Create, Edit, Read)
– 75 Plagiarism checks
– Integrations: GSC, WP, Shopify
– Content management

Platinum Plan

Price: $77/mo
You will get:
– All the Gold features
– 25 projects/folders
– 100 content writer analyses
– 60,000 A.I. credits
– 100 Plagiarism checks

Diamond Plan

Price: $97/mo
You will get:
– All the Platinum features
– 50 projects/folders
– 150 content writer analyses
– 75,000 A.I. credits
– 150 Plagiarism checks


In short, Neuronwriter offers great features that will help you ensure that your content is up-to-mark and relevant. As you can easily identify highly performing content by closely analysing your competitors in real time. It offers amazing and highly performing content ideas to improve your overall productivity. So try out this tool to plan for your content strategy and start working on your website’s SEO right away.


When it comes to the SEO then Semrush stands among the list of best tools in the market. With Semrush you can easily perform SEO, make content marketing strategies, perform competitor analysis, run PPC campaigns and manage social media marketing all from a single platform.

You can avail a large number of amazing features and sub tools with Semrush. You can perform a robust keyword research and identify most suitable keywords for your website. Thanks to its huge database online while its crawler is contently checking for new keywords and analysing websites to provide you most authentic results.

It allows you to perform On-page SEO by providing you details about performance metrics about your site. Its AI based algorithm gets you the complete picture of your competitor from the keywords to the PPC campaigns it is running in order to prepare your brand to stand out in the crowd and get ahead to your competitors.

It also gives you personalized suggestion to optimize your content in order to drive more organic traffic. It helps you create powerful marketing strategies using data driven solutions. It keep a track on your site overall performance and help you create relevant and optimized articles to drive organbic traffic to your website.

Overall Semrush can provide a reliable solution to your marketing challenges online by offering its powerful and unique features of keyword and competitors analysis to keep your brand optimized. Moreover it also offers a local SEO tool to optimized your profile locally. You can also check this article on Local SEO tools.

Pros and Cons

  • Huge database to analyze
  • Robust keyword research
  • Powerful link building feature
  • Rank tracking
  • Competitors analysis
  • SEO reports
  • Technical site audit
  • Excellent support
  • Very much expensive price plans
  • Provides data oly for google
  • UI/UX not beginner friendly
  • Traffic analytics is not always accurate



Price: $119/mo
You will get:
– 5 projects
– 500 keywords to track
– 10,000 results per report
– 100,000 Pages to crawl per month
– 20,000 Pages to crawl per project
– 5 Scheduled PDF reports
– 500 SEO Ideas Units
– 300 Social profiles for monitoring


Price: $229/mo
You will get:
– Everything in Pro, Plus:
– 15 projects
– 1,500 keywords to track
– 30,000 results per report
– Historical Data
– Content Marketing Platform
– Looker Studio Integration
– 300,000 Pages to crawl per month
– 20,000 Pages to crawl per project
– 15 Scheduled PDF reports
– 800 SEO Ideas Units
– 100 Social profiles for monitoring
– 800 SEO content templates


Price: Custom pricing
You will get:
– Everything in Pro, Plus:
– 40 projects
– 5,000 keywords to track
– 50,000 results per report
– 1000,000 Pages to crawl per month
– 100,000 Pages to crawl per project
– 40 Scheduled PDF reports
– 2000 SEO Ideas Units
– 300 Social profiles for monitoring
– 2000 SEO content templates


We can say that semrush can reduce your SEO efforts by offering its AI driven features and delivering results by analysing it huge database. However it is suitable for large businesses or the individuals with good budget as it is a very costly option but offers great value for money in return. You can easily scale your business by optimizing it after successful analysis of your competitors and stay ahead of them.

Jasper AI

Jasper AI formerly known as “Jarvis” is an AI based content generator tool that effectively delivers long or short content within seconds to help you with your blog posts and articles. It efficiently reduces your efforts and time taken to create valuable content by 80%. You can 3.5x your ROI by efficiently generating optimized content for your website with this powerful AI tool.

Jasper comes with a unique tone feature to keep your content relevant to your brand’s conversation as it constantly learn how you’d like to keep the content like Is it bold?, Formal or funny. So you can easily set up its tone for creating desired content for your business.

You can easily convey your overall brand identity by letting it scan your website. This will help it generate the content that revolves around your brands tone, style, or you can simply say voice of your brand.

Jasper is able to turn a single piece content to a full scale document or data within matters. Plus you can also add different team members and allow them to make edits to the document in order to enhance your productivity by multiple times.

Its engine utilizes all the AI models out there even Open AI’s ChatGPT-4 and then carefully analyse the data. Afterwards it delivers the final outcome that is compared with the recent research work, optimized and revolves around your brand identity. Overall its a sophisticated and faster content generator tool top help you with data generation of your brand’s website or social media post, etc.

Setting up and planning for a complete website blog is a hectic and time consuming task. However Jasper will make it easy to generate the whole content within no time. And you can also add relevant keywords in the content while creation, thanks to its amazing feature. So we can say that it is an amazing AI SEO tool that can enhance your efficiency in generating optimized content for your site.

Pros and Cons

  • Offers 7 days free trial
  • Can translate into 25+ languages
  • Offers 3rd party integration
  • Jasper academy to learn about the tool
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Generate any kind of content relatively faster
  • It is bit expensive comparatively
  • No free plan
  • Sometimes you see repetition in information
  • Requires heavy editing



Price: $39/mo (Billed yearly)
You will get:
– Unlimited* words generated by AI
– Includes 1 seat
– 50+ Templates
– 1 Brand voice
– 50 Knowledge assets
– Browser extension


Price: $99/mo (Billed yearly)
You will get:
– Everything in Creator, plus:
– Unlimited* words generated by AI
– Includes 3 seats
– Access SEO mode
– 3 Brand voices
– 150 Knowledge assets
– 10 Campaigns


Price: Custom pricing
You will get:
– Everything in Teams, plus:
– Unlimited features
– Custom templates and workflows
– Dedicated success manager
– API access*
– Advanced admin analytics
Green CheckSSO plus additional security review


Let me conclude by saying that Jasper can truly reduce your time and efforts in generating huge amount of content for your businesses so you can focus on other important things and generate more value out of your business or work. It’s a great AI powered tool that comes with the unique features like tone and brand identity to keep the generated content relevant to your brand’s voice. One can easily learn about this tool with its easy to use interface and Jasper academy to maximize their efforts and result in generating optimized and SEO friendly content for their brand. So try out this tool to start generating content for your own brand within a short span of time.

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