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Marketers are struggling to increase traffic to their website as increasing competition has made it difficult to rank your website to get some significant traffic. Google entertains around 40,000 queries each second and show relevant results against those queries that even get ranked during the process.

In this race of getting more audience exposure you have to try different ways to increase website traffic. This article will help you understand 10 different ways of increasing website traffic and stand out from the crowd.

There is no doubt that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has lot to do with improving website traffic while other methods like social media promotion or pay per click can also help in this regard.

So don’t wait any longer and let’s start learning about these proven ways to increase website traffic…

1. Content Optimization with SEO

It is one of the most important factors in improving the exposure of your website to potential audience out there. Websites with proper SEO, tend to experience increased organic traffic hence you should never underestimate this factor.

You can work up on SEO by optimizing your website’s meta descriptions, H1, H2 tags URL, etc. It is very good SEO practice to choose long tail keywords and optimize them according to the whole website’s niche. It is recommended to do a thorough research on keywords and select most relevant from them. You should use them efficiently in all of your content but avoid overstuffing.

Tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz can help you with keyword analysis and research. As these tools provide you significant data to have an insight on most suitable keywords, competitors analysis, keyword difficulty, etc.

You should always keep on checking for your content from time to time and keep optimizing it with keywords that are most relevant at times. Like maybe the audience have changed the trends of searching for a particular niche or service, so keeping up with their trends and search practices can improve your chance to increase website traffic.

So overall, On-Page SEO has a lot to do with website traffic as it influence a considerable audience exposure to your website. This factor should not be taken for granted.

2. Create High Quality Content

High Quality content is what the Google is considering the most as per its E-E-A-T guidelines. And it is said the, quality content shall be the future of SEO. You must work on creating a unique and high quality content after conducting a proper research from valid and authentic sources.

Your content should ensure that your content follows E-E-A-T guidelines by ensuring enough experience, expertise, authority and trust for a given niche that your website is all about. Highly engaging content tends to attract more audience to your website as it comes with authentic data that helps people by answering their questions or serving their queries.

You can also create blogs for your website offering the help in the topics relevant to your company’s niche, as it increases more exposure to the audience. Try to use most evergreen topics for your blogs. Look for search trends in your particular niche to identify the keywords you can use for blog posts.

So you cannot rank your site without the useful content itself. Hence consistent and unique content can significantly increase website traffic. So it is recommended to incorporate a valuable content to your website.

3. Business Listing (Local SEO)

This is yet another great way to increase website traffic with enhanced exposure in search results. There are number of Local SEO Tools out there that you can use to list your business. However, you should always consider your business to be listed on Google Business Profile, as it helps to improve your Local SEO hence driving more traffic in your region. You should place all the relevant Information like, business category, location and services into the listing.

There is another listing site like Facebook, which is the second largest directory platform for businesses. You can also try platforms like yelp, angie, etc. While listing your details, you should consider that:

  • All your information is consistent accross all the listing
  • Keep your info up-to-date
  • Add photos of your business establishment if convenient
  • Always reply to customers review whether they are bad or good
  • Ensure that you have filled every section of listing

All of these steps will surely impact your overall presence on web and help to increase website traffic as more people start engaging with your business to look for particular product or services.

4. Guest Posting and Blogging

Guest posting and blogging are really important for the success of any online business. As they contribute in driving organic traffic to your website. You can earn referrals by doing guest posting from websites relevant to your business category.

You can also write blog posts on trending topics within your niche that serve other people by offering them valuable information. Having a blog will get you 55% more traffic than the business with none.

Blogging and guest posting will also help you get backlinks that play a significant role in ranking your site. It is one of the most important factor in SEO. So you must publish blog posts consistently and write valuable information in each post to draw more organic traffic to the website.

You can also invite others to guest blog on your site as it diversify your topics and articles. Moreover they may also link it to their site that will help you reach more readers out there. Always use high quality visuals, creatives, and videos in your blog posts, as it help in attracting more audience to your website.

5. Update Outdated Content

The information is constantly changing over the time in this new era of technology. You must keep a keen eye on these changing facts or information and update your content accordingly. This will help in keeping your content authentic and valid.

This can be done by replacing visuals and content of the old blog post with new ones. And also by updating the strategies or techniques that are not relevant anymore. You don’t have to change it as a whole, but you just have to make the tweaks where they are mostly needed.

So it is highly recommended to refresh your content at least once a year to keep it up to date. As it sends good signals to the Google that you are taking blogging seriously and providing authentic information to the audience.

Consistent content updates have shown effective results and enhanced exposure. So try out this technique, as it will surely help you to increase website traffic drastically.

6. Engage Social Media

Producing high quality content and waiting for people to come and see what you have written is not a good strategy at all. You must take social media into account to promote your content in order to reach more potential audience.

For example you can get help from twitter an amazing platform to promote links. You may also get to the platforms that help in promoting brand via images like Pinterest and instagram.

Registering with Google Business profile is also a great way to ensure virtual presence online. You may also find Quora very helpful in promoting your product or services. This can be easily done by answering people’s questions that solving their particular problem by your product or service recommendations.

Moreover you may also incorporate hashtags in your social media posts. As they bring on organic traffic against a particular hashtag. However always use relevant hashtags that are most specific to the post.

Writing articles on your company’s Linkedin profile can also help boost traffic to your Linkedin page, improving your brand reputation online. This will significantly improve your trust among the customers who may then search for your website to look for any particular product or services.

We can say that the social media will play a key role in increasing your website traffic and help you reach more potential audience online.

7. Use Email Newsletters

Creating a superb Newsletter campaign with automation is a great way to promote your brand image. But make sure that it doesn’t have to be complicated, for example you can promote a newsletter named “Weekly SEO Tips” to promote your blog post from the week.

And avoid sending too many links within a single mail. Automation tools have made this very simple to reach potential audience via email newsletters very easily by addressing their needs and pain points.

You should also consider some of the best practices for email newsletters like:

  • Use a very attractive subject line that correlates the content inside the mail
  • Create mobile friednly emails
  • Use highly appealing creatives or visuals in emails
  • Insert a link or a button of “Read more content” for subscribers
  • Perform A/B testing too optimize the campaign

So promoting your content through email newsletters is a great way to effectively increase website traffic and yield highest ROI in terms marketing.

8. Build Useful Backlinks

Building and exchanging high quality links is very useful for business to rank in search engine result pages. According to research the pages on the top results have 3.8 times more backlinks than the pages ranked on the second position.

The best way to earn high quality is by creating top notch content that people refer to from their website. You can exchange backlinks with someone having the same niche as yours. This helps improve building network in the industry and ensuring authority (E-E-A-T) of your website. These links are actually the vote of confidence that your content is relevant, credible, trustworthy and offers a great value.

Overall backlinks contribute mainly towards off-page SEO of your site by increasing referral links to your site. And significantly increasing the organic traffic to your site by improving its ranking.

9. Attract Influencer

Huge number of influencers are entering different market areas of this online industry. This has put forward the demand and importance of influencer marketing. You can create a thoroughly researched and high quality article to tag relevant influencers in social media post and they may refer to it. This will help you reach to their large audience and hence increasing significant amount of traffic to your site.

This can be done by inviting them to an interview for a productive Q&A session. Then after writing an article you can tag them in the post so that they can share it to their followres.

You can also conduct online events by inviting multiple influencers to it. And write a blog post of expert reviews (e.g Experts Review on Improving Organic Traffic). After finishing you can tag them to the social media post to reach more potential audience related to your niche.

You can also pay them to promote your content on their social media pages. So there is no doubt that influencer marketing will also help you increase website traffic. If you are new to influencer marketing, you can also get help from tools like AspireIQ and Buzzstream

10. Paid Advertisement

Driving organic traffic to your website is very efficient and cost effective but it takes few month to rank your site organically. If you want to have instant results then you can opt paid advertising option to drive traffic to your website.

For examples Pay per click and social media ads can help you reach a large audience. However you may need a robust targeting plan to execute it smoothly and efficiently. After setting a marketing campaign you can simply monitor it by keeping a track on its performance metrics to optimize it for better results.

You can also go for A/B testing to ensure boosting ad group that is performing better than the others. Moreover combination of organic and paid campaigns can significantly increase website traffic by engaging more potential audience out there.

11. Offer Giveaways

Offering free give a aways like an e-Books, free material, or tool can help you promote your brand image as it offers great value to your prospects. This will increase their visits to your site and hence improving your brand exposure.

You may promote such tools on social media to engage with new leads online who may be interested in using these tools. It is recommended to promote them in the relevant market or industry to find like minded people who may also be interested in the articles or topics that you write about.

They may look for your articles if they provide valuable information or solve their problem. In the end you may end up finding potential audience reaching to your site to consume valuable information. They may also share articles to social media if they find it useful for others too.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, all of these ways are very helpful to increase website traffic and get more online exposure. You can try each one of it to reach out more potential users out their. if you are a B2C company then this traffic will significantly help you sell your products and services and if you are a blogger then you may find significant traffic to monetize your blog. But it is for sure that the organic website traffic will help any business or brand out their looking for a relevant audience

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